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Owgels Oxygen Concentrator 10L

৳ 90,000.00
৳ 85,000.00

Owgels Oxygen Concentrator

  • Owgels 10 Litre Oxygen Concentrator – Purity 93% ±3% – OZ-10-02TW0.
  • Brand: Owgels.
  • Product Type: Ready …

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Owgels Oxygen Concentrator 10LOxygen Concentrator 10L

  1.  German technology
  2.  Own patent
  3.  French molecular sieve
  4.  Oxygen concentration 93%±3%
  5.  The two functions of oxygen generation and atomization. Oxygen concentration can be used For 2 people at the same time
  6.  Application range: 0-5000 m altitude 7.5L and 10L can be switched freely

Technology German process air compressor, French molecular sieve, Dual filter system, Frosted plastic shell, Silent pulley, LCD, High-quality motor, Anti-aging test.

Quality High quality, Pass SGSCertification. 5 years lifetime

Brand of Origin Germany
Manufacturing China 

Owgels Oxygen Concentrator 10L

  • Owgels 10 Litre Oxygen Concentrator – Purity 93% ±3% – OZ-10-02TW0.
  • Brand: Owgels.
  • Product Type: Ready Stock Oxygen Concentrator.
  • Product Origin: China.
  • Weight: 45KG.
  • External Dimension: 360X370X670mm.
  • Power: 340W.
  • Average Sound Pressure Level: ≤46dB (A).
  • Oxygen Pressure: 30-60kpa.
  • Oxygen Flow: 10L/ min±10%.
  • Oxygen Concentration: ≥90%.
  • Imported Originals: German oil-free compressor, French CECA molecular sieve to ensure high quality.
  • Efficient Oxygen Production: Flow rate of 5L/min and high concentration of 93%±3% to really meet medical demand.
  • Stable Oxygen Supply: Continue to produce oxygen for 24 hours and operate for 365 days without stopping to guard healthy at all time.
  • Intelligent Alarm: AB-level intelligent alarm system to let it safer.
  • Atomization Function: fine atomization and effective treatment.
  • Patent Protection: 8 EU-certified patented technologies, authoritative and reliable.


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