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linde oxygen cylinder

Linde Oxygen Cylinder BD

Linde oxygen cylinder BD

Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder Support reception — Rent & Sell in Dhaka Bangladesh. Hello there. we offer any quiet emergency medical oxygen cylinder reception in Dhaka BD. It’s the original “Linde Oxygen Cylinder”.

What is the Oxygen cylinder?

The product described within the above picture section is an oxygen cylinder. This cylinder or bottle contains oxygen gas (02). The pressure may be a little over 2,000 liters. it’s to be used with the oxygen flow meter. If one liter is given to the patient every 1 minute, it’ll last for a minimum of 22 hours continuously.

It is up to you whether you’ll finish these 22 hours at some point otherwise you can use it every week or maybe a month. This cylinder has got to refill when the gas is finished. meaning you’ve got to Re-fill with a cylinder with gas again.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Shop Near Me in Dhaka (o2) Rent & Sell – Home Delivery within 2 Hours in Dhaka BD – Oxygen Support. Where to shop for 02 Oxygen Cylinder? to shop for an oxygen cylinder reception in Dhaka Bangladesh you only order here or call our helpline.

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Bangladesh Oxygen Cylinder (BOC)- LINDE OXYGEN CYLINDER WITH FLOW METER  Full Package:

  1. Oxygen Cylinder
  2. Oxygen Trolley
  3. Flow Meter
  4. Medical Mask

Full Price: 26,522 Taka Now- 24,452Taka (for a limited time) Free Home Delivery within 60 minutes in Dhaka

Medical Oxygen Services: We provide “Linde” high-quality medical oxygen in easy-to-use cylinders.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Details: Cylinder Capacity: 2,000 litters psi  One cylinder can be us for 12 hours continuously at 2 liters/min.

Requirements and Procedure Documents Required:

Doctor’s Prescription

  • Copy of National ID
  • Passport
  • Driving License Procedure

Linde Oxygen Cylinder BD / Home Delivery Service Near Me

Linde Bangladesh medical oxygen sales and rental facility are available. Our medical team is specially and assigned for giving prompt service to individual Medical Oxygen customers in Dhaka Bangladesh Linde oxygen cylinder Dhaka…

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