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Suction Machine

Yuwell Electric Suction Machine

Automatic Yuwell Electric Suction Machine 7A-23B

We sell and rent oxygen cylinders and Automatic Yuwell Electric Suction Machine 7A-23B and any medical equipment. Our company provides free home delivery service in any district of Bangladesh in just 24 hours and within Dhaka in just 1 hour. So call our office number to buy and rent any medical equipment from any place like office, home, and hospital.


Product Name Suction Machine
Brand Yuwell
Operation Mode Automatic
Model Name/Number 7A-23B
Voltage AC220V+/-22 V
Number Of Wheels 4
Frequency 50 Hz
Glass Jar Capacity 2 x 2.5 ltr
Number Of Glass Jars 2
Max Negative Pressure Value Greater than or equal 0.09 Mpa
Reservoir Capacity 2500 ml
Noise Level Less than or equal 65 dB (A)

The Automatic Yuwell Electric Suction Machine 7A-23B is a small, electronic, emergency, home or clinical suction machine. It features an all-new design, a solid yet lightweight plastic shell, and an oil-free, maintenance-free suction pump with a capacity of 18 LPM and a power cord detachable. This also comes with a 1000 mL polycarbonate container with advanced protection against leakage, a tubing package and additional bacterial filters.

  • Oil-free lubrication pump to prevent polluting the air with the oil mist.
  • No positive pressure to create while working, to ensure safe and efficient service.
  • High negative pressure, high circulation.
  • Total continuous work time is 30 minutes, rate of continuity: 50 percent

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