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Medical Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD

৳ 10,000.00
৳ 9,000.00
Company: China  Size:             Medium/Standard High:             3ft.   Weight:        14 kg Pressure:      2000/1850 Litters…
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Medical Oxygen Cylinder Price In BD

Medical oxygen cylinder is a crucial medical device used for supplying oxygen to patients who are suffering from respiratory distress. In Bangladesh, medical oxygen cylinder is widely available in the market, and their price varies based on the size of the cylinder, brand, and type of cylinder.

A small-sized medical oxygen cylinder with a capacity of about 40 liters costs around BDT 8000 to BDT 8500. On the other hand, a large-sized cylinder with a capacity of around 200 psi liters can cost around BDT 18500 to BDT 20000.

In Bangladesh, there are many reputed brands that manufacture and supply medical oxygen cylinders, including BOC, Air Liquide, and Praxair, among others. The brand of the cylinder also affects the price, with the branded cylinders being a bit more expensive than the non-branded ones.

It is important to note that the price of a medical oxygen cylinder is not just limited to the cost of the cylinder itself. The cost of filling up the cylinder with oxygen, which needs to be done regularly, also needs to be taken into consideration. On average, the cost of filling up a cylinder ranges from BDT 800 to BDT 900.

In conclusion, the price of medical oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh varies based on several factors such as the size, brand, and type of cylinder. The cost of filling up the cylinder also needs to be considered while determining the overall cost.

CHINA MEDICAL OXYGEN (O2) CYLINDER -Buy, RENT & SELLmedical oxygen cylinder price in bd

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We are providing medical oxygen cylinder sales & rent at your home in Dhaka Bangladesh. Our Service 24 hours and 7 days any time anywhere, just call us and confirm, within 2 hours we send oxygen cylinders to your home by our active team, Oxygen Cylinder Services Dhaka.

China oxygen Cylinder Description

Company : China
Size: Medium/Standard
High: 3ft.
Weight: 14 kg
Pressure: 2000 Litters & 1.36 Cubic liter

China Oxygen Cylinder (full package)

  • Oxygen Cylinder China
  • Trolly
  • Flow Miter.
  • Medical Oxygen Mask
  • Nesal Canella

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    An oxygen cylinder is a pressure vessel used to store and transport compressed oxygen gas. It’s commonly used by medical professionals and patients who require supplemental oxygen, as well as in various industrial and recreational applications.

    Some common features of oxygen cylinders include:

    Durable construction: Oxygen cylinders are usually made of steel or aluminum, which can withstand high pressures and provide long-term durability.

    Portability: Oxygen cylinders come in a range of sizes and weights, allowing for easy transportation and use in various settings.

    Valve control: The cylinder is equipped with a valve that controls the release of oxygen and helps to regulate the pressure inside the cylinder.

    Safety features: Oxygen cylinders are equipped with safety features, such as pressure-relief valves and burst discs, to prevent explosions and other dangerous incidents.

    Overall, oxygen cylinders are reliable and convenient sources of compressed oxygen, and are essential for many medical, industrial, and recreational applications. However, it’s important to follow proper safety procedures when using oxygen cylinders, and to replace them periodically to ensure their continued performance and safety.

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