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Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Medical Oxygen Cylinders Dhaka

Medical Oxygen Cylinders Dhaka

Medical Oxygen Cylinder BD is being rented from cylinder bd. Call us to get an emergency oxygen cylinder anytime from anywhere.  a skilled and trained team is at your service 24/7.

Oxygen cylinder rental price list 2023

  • 7 days rent:  2500 Taka.
  • 15 days rent:  3000 Taka.
  • 1-month rent:  4000 Taka.
  • Refill Charge:  800 Taka ( per refill).

Provides high-quality Oxygen Cylinder Rent BD at the best price. To get Oxygen Cylinder Rent please contact us.

If you Confirm Home delivery in 60 minutes. Contact: Whatsapp: 01712544008

Oxygen cylinder Capacity। Oxygen Cylinder Rent BD.

Company : Linde / China
Size: Medium/Standard
High: 3 ft.
Weight: 16 kg
Pressure: 2000 Litters & 1.36 Cubic meters
  • If you use one liter, the Oxygen cylinder will last for 20 Hours. If you use two liters, the Oxygen cylinder will last for 10 Hours.
  • Free Home Delivery In Dhaka.
  • You will get oxygen cylinders at the best price.

This medical BD oxygen cylinders is filled up with added with a regulator. The total capacity of this oxygen cylinder is 2000 liter. At a rate of 1 liter per minute, a single cylinder can be utilized constantly for 24 hours.

Oxygen Cylinder Home Service

Oxygen Cylinder Home Service Dhaka BD – To improve lung failure, asthma, poisoning, severe bleeding, heart attack, shock, and cystic fibrosis oxygen cylinder was used.

Welcome to Oxygen Cylinder BD | Medical Oxygen Cylinder Rent Sell & Oxygen Support, We are one of the experienced and most valuable services. Always committed to our work. we’re handing every time casual Service oxygen Cylinder Home Service Dhaka provides Linde Medical Oxygen throughout in Bangladesh rent refill in Dhaka BD. To get Linde Medical Oxygen Support at Home.

Oxygen Cylinder Home Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

We know how important to provide the best oxygen cylinder service for a critical bed patient. Oxygen Cylinder Home Services bd Dhaka provides Linde Medical Oxygen everywhere in Bangladesh rent Support at price refill bd. That’s why we are providing nonstop medical oxygen cylinders rent in Bangladesh all over Dhaka city

 Cylinder Rent in Dhaka

We rent and sell oxygen cylinders everywhere in Dhaka Bangladesh BD, we deliver Linda Oxygen Home supply.

Oxygen Cylinder Refill in Dhaka BD

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Rent Sell & Refill Supports in Dhaka Bangladesh, within 2 hours in Dhaka (any time, any places in bd).

Oxygen Cylinder Price in Dhaka

Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder Support at Home – Rent & Sell in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Medical oxygen cylinders home supply

We provide emergency medical oxygen support rent and sell a home within 2 hours in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Oxygen cylinder refill rent sell

Oxygen Cylinder Home Service BD Medical Oxygen Cylinder Rent Sell & Oxygen Cylinder in Dhaka Bangladesh.

We provide emergency medical oxygen cylinders support rent and sell home service within 2 hours in Dhaka places in bd.

oxygen_cylinder bd

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