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Oxygen Cylinder BD

Oxygen Cylinder BD

 Why is the oxygen Cylinder important?

Oxygen is essential for respiration because the body uses it to ‘burn’ food molecules. Animals take in oxygen when inhaling and give off carbon dioxide when exhaling. Oxygen Cylinder BD Rent & Refill Service in Dhaka Bangladesh – Free Home Delivery. Get Emergency mini Oxygen Cylinder Price in bd Rent Service.

Oxygen makes up almost 21% of the total gases in the air, with most of the remaining gas being physiologically inert nitrogen. Although we inhale 21% oxygen, a person’s exhaled breath contains about 16%.

This means that the human body only uses about one-quarter of the O2 inhaled, leaving sufficient available for rescue breaths. This is why rescue breathing works – it can supply a nonbreathing patient with enough oxygen to support life.

You will get the full Package :

oxygen cylinder shop

বাসায় অক্সিজেন সিলিন্ডার দরকার ?
আমরা সুলভ মূল্যে অক্সিজেন সিলিন্ডার বিক্রি করি। আমাদের রয়েছে ২৪ ঘন্টা ঢাকার মধ্যে হোম ডেলিভারি

  •  Oxygen Cylinder
  •  Flow Meter
  •  Nasal Cannel
  •  Oxygen Mask
  • Trolley

We provide China Oxygen Cylinder Portable and Standard Size which price is 16,000 Taka and Linde Oxygen Cylinder BD which price is 26,000 taka with a 2000 psi oxygen 02 gas pressure.

It’s a bottle cylinder with an oxygen flow meter and other accessories. If the oxygen is given every 1 liter each minute, it will last for at least 22 hours. You can finish 1 letter one day or use it for 1 week and a month also.

 Medical Oxygen Cylinder Price in Dhaka BD

If you want to purchase high-quality or the best medical oxygen cylinder price in Dhaka Bangladesh you have to choose Linde oxygen cylinder bd. Medical Oxygen Cylinder Supplier Near Me in Bangladesh.

Buy Linde and China Oxygen Cylinder from People home care Ltd online Shop. Oxygen cylinder refill price in Bangladesh If the gas gets over, we have a refill option. Our correspondent will go and refill the gas at their earliest convenience. In general, the oxygen cylinder refill price in Bangladesh starts from 150 takas to 300 takas. But if you want to get a home delivery service then 600 to 800 taka will be added with the refill price.

All including, we take 800 takas to 1,000 takas for refilling home delivery service in Dhaka city.

Just let us know 2 hours before, and we will refill the bottle within two hours.

So if you have any further questions on purchasing an oxygen cylinder or the doctor has been recently prescribed oxygen therapy, you can call us, and know-how you can get started. Our smart, well knowledgeable customer care is always there to help. Just call 01712544008 or you can email us also. Our Service and Benefits with Home Delivery Service Near Me in Dhaka City.


 Medical Oxygen  Cylinder

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Details

Cylinder Capacity: (2000psi)

One cylinder can use for 11 hours continuously at 2 liters/minute.

with Oxygen Flowmeter with oxygen trolly

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